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Random # 01. Morbidity strikes. Lol

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Hello guys! I’m here again (wanting to be active in blogging lol). Last April 8, 2013 - I’m bound to Cuenca, Batangas to have some fun (together with friends). Well, honestly we’re not that close to each other. I mean, we belong to three different groups (observed in class) and just merging if there are large group activities or requirements. So basically we’re acquainted and friends. But because of this event that happened within our lives, we got to know each other, open up to one another, make new friends, work in harmony, and share all the good and bad times that made us all have the best memories of our summer yet. (Well for me this one is the best yet! HAHA) So here it went~

April 7, 2013 (Sunday - the day before our departure)

This is crazy. I mean, we still haven’t settled our transportation. Imagine the outing is tomorrow and we don’t know yet how we’ll we get there (via rent or commute). I started panicking. Wait, frustrated is the right word I guess? I was frustrated enough to be a little rude in negotiating a van for rent. (The UV Express van to be specific) So it’s a long story, but I assure you it went really bad that I got really pissed off. So before the afternoon ends, my friend texted me saying that she got the transpo and asked me if the rent was okay. And I told her, yeah quite fair. SO YES. WE GOT A JEEPNEY FOR A RIDE.

April 8, 2013 (Monday - the day of the departure)

2:00am. I woke up. But I didn’t get up yet (not until the 5th alarm hahahaha!) So by 2:30am I decided to get up. I flooded my bestfriend to wake him up because I’ll give him a ride and he’s the one who knew the way to my friend’s house which is our meeting place. I’ve bathed myself and finished breakfast. And I’m good to go! My way to Alvin’s is quite emotional. I mean, dad’s saying things that he’s really gonna miss me and I must take good care of myself. I understand him but there’s this b***s*** part of me saying “I’ll be gone for a few days, not even a week. Stop worrying. I’ll be fine” but of course instead of saying that, I assured him I’ll miss him and I’ll be a good girl. (Which is true) HAHAHAHA! >:) Alvin’s a slowpoke. Literally slowpoke. We’ve been waiting for like 15mins or more at his yard. WHAT A SLOWPOKE =)))))))) JK BES LABYU! :D He finally got in and we’re on our precious way to Akisha’s Bakery. LOL.

Got there in less than 10mins. Bid our goodbyes to dad and say hellos to our friends. HAHAHAHA! UH YEAHHHH EXCITED MUCHHH >:)) We got completed before five? I don’t know. HAHAHA. Rode the jeepney and hell yeah, we witnessed the sunrise on the road. \m/

By 7:00am, we arrived at San Felipe, Cuenca, Batangas. Lunar’s Residence. Unloaded our things. And we’re off to the wet market. WE WILL LOOK FOR OUR SUPPLIES. Made use of charms to get price reductions and additional pieces of what we need. Yeah. WE’RE GREAT. We went back to the house. And yeah, started trash talking my friend’s aunt. (She looked-like Patricia Ismael with a little touch of Dobby) I mean, seriously? I feel like I’m in a Harry Potter movie. And her attitude is oh-so-meet-Satan-like. Just speechless. You wouldn’t dare to say a word at her. HAHAHAHA. Nuff with that. So we got exiled to a concrete house, newly built (literally because no furnitures yet except for the Supra TV and a wooden sofa) plus a pile of birds’ shits. Yeah. We need to clean the place up before anyone of us die of Asthma. Cough and sniff everywhere. You need to cover your mouth and nose to survive the dust allergies. So anyway, we started sorting out things but we gave up. WTF IS THIS HOUSE?! IT NEVER RUNS OUT OF DUST PARTICLES! At this moment, I felt like regretting this outing. It’s like the continuation of Holy Week. Thennnnn….. The good news reached us. We’re allowed inside the tiled house! UHYEAH. Started unpacking and finding different places to settle ourselves. Unloaded different deck of cards and played different games to entertain ourselves. Prepared our lunch. Thank goodness, I brought our Adobo. We have our viand for lunch. And yes, we survived. I feel exhausted and lie beside my twin, Jerome and I allowed myself to nap. I woke up, Joanna’s curling beside me and Chzar’s sleeping on the other side while the others are reading, playing cards, singing, making endless conversations and I felt dizzy. I nap a bit more. I finally woke up past 2:00pm, and the others are preparing to go outside. I don’t know where. I forced myself up and my bestfriend gave me my favorite Clover. They looked at me, say things “who I look like” and “oo ngaa!” and I don’t care mainly because I don’t know who it was. I don’t care how I look or how my hair looks, I’m just hungry. And they are gone. with the wind. Lol. I stood up, watched the others who stayed. Cool. We looked like we’re in an evacuation center. Or a camping site. Or in the prison of  Walking Dead. We are survivors. I looked at myself in the full mirror, well I don’t look bad atleast. HAHAHA! #BuhatBangkuan LOL. Anyway, when the others came back because they were afraid of being chased by a dog, we started to make drinks. :) Bryan is such a good bartender. He mixes drinks so good that it’s actually refreshing and it was not sort of a punishment to the loser but a reward. Thirst quencher. :-bd After a few shots, we all went outside to play. Like child play. HAHAHA! First is dodgeball. Next is patintero. And last is the Agawang Panyo. It was fun. I felt like reliving my childhood again and there it was. OUR TEAM WAS BUILT. >:) Went inside and prepared our bath. It’s the typical province where in you’ll be the one to get the water outside the house in a well-or-faucet like source of water. While we’re waiting for the water drums to be filled, we prepared our dinner. The Adobo again and some canned goods. Thanked the Lord for the wonderful day and ate like siblings. The drum is full and the boys  went in first while us girls clean up the mess. When it’s our turn. HOLY MOLEY. THAT’S WHY THE BOYS ARE SCREAMING. The water is freezing cold. :-bd Just what we needed to freshen up and remove the dust and oil in our faces. And then we went to our room. Formed a circle. And there start the open forum (the lighter way) like first impressions and so on. And we went to sleep……..

April 09, 2013 (Tuesday- the day of the swim)

My phone alarmed. It’s 4:00am. I started throwing pillows at Albert but I’m ignored. Wake Zarbie and Grace up. And the f*cking cockroach entertained us. Laughed and gagged at dawn was perfect. HAHAHA. And the others woke up in a funny way. Sharing bed time stories and laughing hard. YES. OUR WAY OF GREETING GOOD MORNINGS. =)) Prepared our bags and clothes and we’re off to Endaya on foot. We walked scary trails. I mean, dude the highway is full of reckless drivers plus the trail itself  is like full of unordinary creatures. But the sunrise was priceless. The sky was in different hues. And the sound of nature was perfect. We got to the first stop, and we realized where the hell are the drinks? Bryan and Zarbie decided to go back. And when they arrived, we’re on foot again. WE REACHED ENDAYA COVE… ALL THE HARDSHIPS WE’VE BEEN THROUGH ARE WORTH IT! It was a paradise. It was that captivating. It was breathtaking. We started screaming our lungs out! We surveyed the place. And all our stresses are gone in a snap. It was that perfect. And……. we noticed where the hell are the basic ingredients? And we started looking for that plastic bag. And it wasn’t there. And all of us is being sensitive then I volunteered. Alvin too. And Grace. We’re on foot again. We found our wands on our way. Started making fun of it and throwing spells etc. Successfully arrived at the house and picked that bag and other things we needed. Bought more supplies. And we’re on foot again. We started noticing things like the ice blender. Seriously dude? In a place like that? People knew how to have buko shake and it was kinda funny. We arrived the resort again. And we started the good times! :) Change costumes. Photoshoots. Swim. Games. Volleyball. Trashtalks. Prepared a 5-star lunch for us with a good plating. (5-star because it seemed 5-star in Cuenca! Lol) YEAH. BECAUSE WE DESERVED IT ALL! The we eat. Swim. Games. Bonding. Jumpshots. Jacuzzi. Sing. Dance. Beer Pong. Drink. HAVE FUN. And the time ticked so fast. It’s 5pm already and it’s time to go home before it sets dark. Bathe my friends. Shampoo with love. Drink. Laughed and gagged. And there formed the haos with their 3 hearts and a kissed-filled punch <3 I don’t know where I’d get it but you don’t call your friend a house. So it must be the reason. Your friends are your houses. They give you comfort and protection. Maybe that’s why I’d call them that. HAHAHA. We got home. And yeah we’re exciled again hahahahaha. And we had fun! And there formed mounts with the tagline “fresh lang” hahaha. And there’s the outcasts later changed to bad boys with their theme song “bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do, whatch gonna do when they come for you!” HAHAHAHA. And we laughed. played killer killer. And Camille is so good. That I was punished by a curse for the haos. I am so sorry >:)) And there came the lucky doorknob. And we stopped. The haos and maos decided to go outside for a chill. Lie down the highway (back and front) and stand there while having convo’s and went back in. Settled ourselves. Sleep. Goodnight PITEAM.

April 09, 2013 (Wednesday - the day of the come back)

8:55am. Ugh. Sun-kissed skin. Goodmorning guys. It’s our time to go back. No supplies. No food. No water. No breakfast. Bryan and Zarbie need to go for a run to the market for supplies. While us? We bought lomi. The oh-so-good lomi. And Joanna cooked all the noodles we have left. No electricity. It’s freaking hot. We decided to go outside for a walk. Yeah. Simply province. Simple people, simple lives, simple joys, simply San Felipe. Photoshoots. And while the mounts prepared our lunch, haos and bad boys filled the drums for our bath. Levitation shots. Pepsi burp. And lunch is served. FCKIN RICE. Mountain Rice. Doom that rice. Until now, food is not appealing to me because of that heavy heavy monster meal. HAHAHA. 4PM and we just ate our lunch. We bathe. And off we go. Arrived at Lipa. And rode a RRCG bus with wifi. Back here in Buendia and rode a jeep. Bid goodbyes to Joanna and her siblings. But the rest of us rode a jeep altogether. YOLO. Made fun of the other passengers. The spiked boy and kabayowmi. Bid goodbyes and off we go to our different homes and lives! 123456789 pts to the PITEAM for the best adventure yet together! :”>

Every summer has its story, but this time it’s like a novel. I can finally say, school’s out summer’s in! The bonding we had in Cuenca is the start of our friendship journey. The memories we shared together that I am sure will be cherished forever, is the foundation of our relationship. I am pretty sure that this ain’t the last for it is just the beginning! WE WILL MAKE THE BEST MEMORIES WE CAN MAKE! Because together, WE. ARE. INFINITE. <3

Hey! Just dropping by and I want to make kwento about my experience from the recently conducted bazaar by the famous bloggers of the country at the world trade center! I believe they’re making this bazaar annually. (more of a tradition I guess) So here it goes.

Actually, I went there kasi I want to meet Divine Lee (know her? I bet you do! She’s a model, tv host, contractor? and I think she owns a cosmetic line— basta career woman! lahat na inavail ni mother haha) and also, David Guison (he is the ambassador of Canon, F21 Men, Greatergood, and so on— ang dami kasi! haha) Well, I met David Guison once at a seminar in school. He’s so kind and charming. Another reason is, I want to experience what it’s like in a bloggers bazaar. Bet ko lahat ng nagpunta dun were bloggers and mga aspiring fashionistas.

We went there (kasama ang mga friends) early morning. Around 10:30am when we arrived, bumili ng ticket (worth 50pesos) at pumasok na. Naligaw ligaw effect pa kami kasi akala namin dun talaga sa main center ‘yun pala sa may gadgets etc (sarreh first timers eh? haha) Pero keribumbum lang kasi we bumped into such a lovely face, si Dimples Romana pala yun!

Oh diba inavail na namin ni Shanen magpapic haha! Sarreh haggardness ang fez kasi naman naligaw nga diba haha!

Pagdating namin sa Bloggers United portion, ang daming tao sa booth ni David. Literally na madaming tao :( Sad kasi, wala na akong naabutan na mga rucksacks na binebenta nya. Bumili na lang ako ng bracelet and glasses. Then we decided to roam around na lang. 

Ohdiba? PAK na PAK! Mukang kakabangon ko lang sa kama. Hahaha =)) any, nice to see him again and his legendary hair. Kilig na ako to the bonessss :D 

Katabi ng booth ni David, ‘yung kay Lissa Kahayon. (hmm??? I’m smelling something fishy here! HAHAHAHA JK! :”>)

Busy lang ang lola niyo, may binebentahan kasi oh! Hahaha. Hi Lissa! Very gorgeous! :D

So while roaming to different booths, eto ang ganap oh! Daming tao diba? Told you! At parami pa sila ng parami as time pass by. Nako goodluck sainyo kung maka-avail pa kayo ng magagandang goodies! Haha!

Oh eto pa! Yes mga katropa, she is the one and only Patricia Prieto! Haha sorry BFFs na kami oh! She’s veryyyyyy kind and down to earth. :D

Here is Verniece Enciso. Yesss! Jusko naloka ako sa ganda nya! I thought she’s a mannequin! Very barbie-like! Hahaha pwede po ba mag-apply bilang PA? CHOZ lang =)) Naku, magkasing ganda lang kami, nauna lang siya naligo sakin. Hahaha

ETO PA ISANG DYOSA! Mabaliw baliw din ako sa ganda nito, none other than Nicole Andersson. Hahaha.

Sad nga lang kasi, hindi ko nakita si Mother D and Victor Basa. Huhu :’( Pero may next year pa! Haha. Sana rin nandun si Kryz Uy. Bought her cowboy hat! :D

After spending money at the bloggers united, it’s time to pamper ourselves! Lunch at Don Henricos with friends! And then, nagbalutan na— sabay uwi haha!

Vanity strikes again! Snappies at Don Henricos:

Tristan, Sherla and Shanen! My dear bestfriends! :D

Me and Ryan.

Francis and Ryan.

So there you go! Ang saya and you should try it too! Next year? Kita kits ulit! BU5 naman! Hahaha :D